10 Tips to Make Moving Stress-Free


We know moving house can be stressful so we've put together some tips to help you on the big day:  

  1. Try not to schedule other appointments on Moving Day

This may seem like common sense, but even that call that you need to make to your doctor to book in an appointment can wait another day. The rhythm of moving can come to a halt at the slightest un-foreseen circumstance, so pick another day to run those errands and focus on the task at hand.


  1. Pre-prepare: Packing and De-cluttering

It’s time to think like Marie Kondo. Does that spare couch that’s been sitting in the back room for the last 3 years un-used bring you joy? Does it really need to make the move? Pre-packing and de-cluttering, your home BEFORE moving day saves a lot of time and last-minute stress.

Pack your belongings into easily labelled boxes and create an Essentials Overnight Bag separate from the rest of your belongings. The last thing you need is that charger for your mobile phone that is buried at the bottom of a box… somewhere!

Donating belongings that you’re not taking with you is a great service to the local community – so really, you’re helping everyone by packing early and de-cluttering your home.


  1. Hire some help!

You don’t need to struggle alone, the cost of throwing out your back and the resulting physical therapy that follows to relieve any moving-related injuries may mean you’re not saving any money at all.

Convince friends and family to help, look at self drive hire trucks or arrange professional movers. A little bit of help goes a long way and with today’s world at our fingertips in the form of Smart Phones, your options can be endless.

Are you moving from a house into a unit? Perhaps professional movers for your bigger items will be the way to go!


  1. Schedule professional cleaners for the next day

Some like to clean their homes as they move, others like to hire professionals to carry out the dirty work. Whichever way you are going, one thing is for certain, don’t book your cleaning for the same day as the move.

Moving day is a long, exhausting day and it is almost always filled with hiccups and unforeseen circumstances. So whether you’re grabbing the mop and bucket yourself or you would rather have someone else tackle the cleaning of your home make sure you’re planning for at least a clear 24 hours between the move and the clean. 


  1. Be Flexible

Things happen. There may be a traffic accident that holds up your move for hours, that best friend of yours may wake up sick as a dog, or there may be a delay in getting the keys to your new home that no one expected.

We could write a 1000-page essay from our experience on all the things that could go wrong on Moving Day. So, make sure that you are open to being flexible and don’t put yourself on non-negotiable timeline to move. 


  1. Arrange your Utility Disconnection and Re-connection in advance

If you ask any teenager or three-nager today what the worst thing in the world is… how many of us would hear complaints when there is no data or wifi for them to connect with their games, shows and friends in this growing technological world?

Or even worse for the rest of us that maybe want a nice cool drink to enjoy at the end of a big moving day, what if the power wasn’t connected!

Don’t leave your disconnections and re-connections to the last minute. At least 2 weeks prior to moving contact your chosen providers and book in your change of address connection process.


  1. Don’t forget to think about food and water

Seems silly to tell someone to make sure they keep themselves nourished and hydrated. But moving all day, running around and coordinating movers, family and more can cause the best of us to think about our basic needs.

Make sure you have an esky filled with cool drinks and some food. Or know where the closest supermarket or fast food restaurant is with a bit of cash in hand to make sure you’re keeping number 1 in good health!


  1. Take photos before packing

Have you looked at the back of your desktop computer or TV lately? Are you confident in being able to re-assemble all the right cords in the right places? You are? Well you’re doing much better than we are.

By taking some photos of the more complicated technology in your home and any furniture you may be disassembling for moving will help you at the other end and help speed up your re-assembly. You can be watching the latest episode of your favourite tv show sooner!


  1. Don’t forget to forward your mail

One of the more forgotten aspects of moving is updating your address in important locations. So make sure you put a mail divert in place straight away while all your mail slowly tranfers over to the new address.

Quick checklist for you to update are places such as:

  1. Australia Post
  2. Australian Taxation office
  3. Bank
  4. Gas, Electricity, Internet providers
  5. Home or renter’s insurance
  6. Your employer
  7. Australian Electoral Commission
  8. Driver Licence
  9. Car Registration
  10. Human Services – Centrelink, Child Support, Medicare
  11. School, Tafe, University
  12. Accountant

    10. Make it Fun!

Who wants to move in silence? Download your favourite playlist, crank up that dial and enjoy your moving experience.

It’s a daunting time, it can be stressful so make it as fun as you can and good luck!