Is Your Home Ready for Sale? 

How many times throughout your life have you heard, “first impressions are everything”? When it comes to getting your home ready to sell ensuring that your first impression to prospective buyers is the best impression is critical!

Buyers come in many forms and they can get you all excited, or just as easily, very upset with their initial reactions to your home.

So with that in mind a well-prepared and well-presented property can help connect a buyer to your home and assist in the sale.

So here are some commonly forgotten ideas to help you with your forthcoming sale:

  1. Clean your house

Surprisingly several sellers overlook this little detail. Trying to sell a dirty house isn’t an easy feat and that extra once over with the vacuum, mop and a quick bench de-clutter can make all the difference.

Absorbing the cost of a weekly or fortnightly cleaner can be an easy way to ensure this is achieved without too much stress.

  1. Paint dirty or dated walls and doors

As far as you want to go with painting will depend on your budget and current property condition.

Sometimes it is as simple as a quick wash down and touch up and other times a professional engagement may be necessary. A knowledgeable sales agent can help you make the decision on the level of touch up needed.

  1. Clean the roof and gutters

Not something that we think about for our every day living but when was the last time you looked up and assessed your roof and gutters. While usually overlooked when residing in a property, the first impression of your home with prospective buyers before they walk in the door is the view from the top of the driveway.

A good pressure wash and clean can do wonders for your overall impression, especially as the roof is one of the biggest components of any house. So getting it cleaned up for inspections may just give you that point of difference.

  1. De-Clutter and Re-furnish

Everyday living can result in a lot of miscellaneous items, important documents and even children’s toys cluttering up our benches, floors and more.

Spend sometime de-cluttering your home. Clean up the benchtops and tables and look at your presentation. Prospective buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your home, so the cleaner the view the better.

It could also be time to re-assess your window coverings or your current carpets’ condition. Taking those tired curtains away and looking at a more modern upgrade will help assist in the clean lines of your home.

  1. Don’t forget the outside

A good lawn mow and edge, weeding of the gardens and trimming the hedges help give your home the facelift it deserves. Signs of overgrown lawns and gardens can indicate neglect, and many buyers do carry out a drive-by of a home before they even book to walk through the door.