Candice Gillies


Candice Gillies

As the founding Director of Code, from day 1, Candice had a clear plan and a huge passion for creating a business where staff feel protected, mentored, and encouraged to succeed. This unwavering belief in placing people above process in every transaction has flowed through the team to clients and Code has forged a reputation as a business with genuine care and a desire to help people. When writing this bio, we spoke to team members about our Director and the words they used to describe Candice were: “Fearless, supportive, kind, intelligent, inspiring, amazing”.

Leading a team of high performing sales consultants and property managers, Candice is constantly engaged in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate customer experience.

“I believe our in-house culture based on trust, empathy and support has created an external drive for uncompromising service through a united team, passionate about exceeding customer expectations,” Candice said.

Having entered the real estate industry in Tasmania in 2006, she quickly found her feet as a leader and problem solver, always believing she worked in the People industry, not the Property industry. 

“When I relocated to the Sunshine Coast, I recognised a clear need for opportunities and improved working conditions for Property Managers on the Sunshine Coast. At Code, we have created a business that supports and recognises the achievements and difficulties experience in the property management sector by displaying what can be possible and providing a safe, stable platform for the team,” she said.

“My aim as a leader is to have a positive influence on my team and their lives and through my behaviour, inspire people to follow their passion, sense of purpose and create a path with a true sense of direction and belief in the outcome.

“Real Estate is an industry dominated by women, yet most agencies have male leaders and owners. My team know they are the heartbeat of this company and clear career paths including ownership are offered and encouraged,” Candice said. With ambitious goals for the business and her team, the sky is the limit with what comes next.



Favourite colour: Don't have one, but I'm fond of blue probably because of my love of the ocean!

Favourite movie: Topgun! A tragic from way back

Favourite TV show: Game of Thrones

Favourite food: Double Coated Tim Tams

Favourite weekend event: Training and having coffee with surf club mates

If she was an animal she would be: A chameleon as I love change and adaptability

If not in real estate she would be: Day Trading

Her favourite business book: Good to Great by Jim Collins

The person she is most inspired by: My late nan for her resilience and positive approach to life and Simon Sinek for his unwavering belief in trust and collaboration in the workspace

The businessperson she most admires: Richard Branson for his humble and staff centric approach to business success

Her favourite Sunshine Coast personality: Ashely Robinson from the AHSLC for his self-deprecating and honest way of living and Roz White for her commitment to the Sunshine Coast community