Candice Whinnett


Candice Whinnett

Candice’s real estate career began in Tasmania in 2006, where she quickly found her feet as a leader and problem solver. Since then, she has become one of the most fearless, supportive, kind, intelligent, inspiring, and amazing professionals in the industry, as quoted by her team. The team that she has created since founding Code Property Group in 2017, consists of high performing sales consultants and property managers. Since day one, Candice has always believed that she works in the people industry, not the property industry and therefore she is constantly engaged in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate customer experience and creating the best possible environment for her staff.

The decision to found her own agency came from her huge passion for creating a business where staff feel protected, mentored, and encouraged to succeed. This passion goes hand in hand with her unwavering belief in placing people before process in every transaction which has flowed through the team to the clients, forging Code’s reputation as a business that genuinely cares and wants to help people.

Reflecting on her journey to becoming the founding Director of Code Property Group, Candice explains that after relocating to the Sunshine Coast from Tasmania, she recognised a clear need for opportunities and improved working conditions for Property Managers. At Code, she has created a business that supports and recognises the achievements of the team and the difficulties experienced in the property management sector.

Under Candice’s leadership, Code has developed an inhouse culture based on trust, empathy and support which has sparked an external drive for uncompromised service through a united team, passionate about exceeding customer expectations.