Crystal Armitage


Crystal Armitage

Fresh from full time parenting, Crystal has joined the Code Crew eager to learn everything real estate. 

After relocating to the beach from farm life just over a year ago, Crystal is loving the beach vibes and has been busy exploring local waterfalls and climbing the Glass House Mountains, creating memories with her family.

Down to earth and a friendly persona, Crystal will be the first person you meet when you pop into the Code office, and she is determined to make everyone’s experience exceptional.   

“Having been a stay-at-home mum for the past 6 years, I’ve been welcomed into the Code family with minimal admin experience, and I love that I have been given the chance to develop my skills alongside the team at Code”

"Everything happens in life for a reason, if its meant to be it will be "



Favourite colour:  Aqua

Favourite movie:  Anything with Adam Sandler

Favourite food:  I can’t decide between Mexican or sushi

Favourite weekend event:  Sunset picnics by the beach with my little family, or a weekend away camping 

If she was an animal she would be: Lion.  Being a Leo, I feel it fits my personality - a little resistant to people outside my group, but loyal to the people I love

If not in real estate she would be:  If I wasn’t in real estate, I would pursue a career in medical

Her top party trick:  Always the first to finish my drink