Eliza Gregory

Office Admin

Eliza Gregory

As our most recent recruit to the Code family, Eliza’s face is the first one you’ll see as you enter our office and her bright smile is sure to create some memorable moments for our clients and team.

Making the big move from Tasmania to the Sunshine Coast, Eliza’s career to date has led her into caring customer focused roles and we think she’s going to be a pretty darn fabulous contributor to our industry.

“The Sunshine Coast appealed to me as I perceived the lifestyle here to suit my needs the most. I love the relaxed vibe– slower than a big city lifestyle.”

A self-confessed “boho gypsy” at heart, her love for the beach and her border collie means that she is fitting right in with the Code culture.

“I love people and will always welcome a “chin wag” but also would happily sit on the beach with my dog for hours on end.  “Some of my best friends and family would describe me as a strong independent woman who has a big heart and loves deeply.”

We are excited to see what the future holds for Eliza here at Code so if you’re visiting our office make sure you say “hi”!


Favourite colour:  neutrals and pastel earth colours

Favourite movie:  10 things I Hate About You

Favourite food:  Sushi or Sea food!

Favourite weekend event:  Being surrounded by loved ones, by the beach with my dog.

If she was an animal she would be:  Any animal that jumps from beach to beach.

If not in real estate she would be:  A nurse, teacher or professional beach bum

Her top party trick:  Being able to make someone cry and laugh in the same conversation

The person she is most inspired by: My late Mother, she had the ability to make every person she came across feel special and important - no matter their background.

Nicknames: My family all call me Lulu or Lu – only Eliza if I’m in trouble (which is never ;))